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Say No To Scam Calls

“Can You Hear Me Okay?”

Consumer alerts have been booming regarding recent phone scams that are hitting nationwide. Scammers are calling, claiming to be from customer support teams. All they want to hear you say is “yes”. Often times the phone call will initiate as simple as,

“This is Tom Jones from customer support services. Can you hear me okay?”
What you don’t know, is the scammers are recording these phone calls, and once you respond with “yes”, they have what they need. They use your verbal confirmation completely out of context, claiming you confirmed you were going to pay for products or services.

If you get a phone call from these scammers, hang up immediately. Also, do not give them your personal information.

If you would like to read more about the consumer alert, you can do so here. The Nightly News also featured a piece on this scam, which you may view here.

See original post from TechTalk here.