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Scam Alert

Harmony Tel Email Scam

If you receive an email, like the picture, from Harmony Telephone stating your account needs verification please disregard. Harmony Telephone did not send this email. If there is ever an issue with your account in anyway we will contact you directly, by phone. If you are ever unsure about something […]

Fake Text

Beware of another fake text going around. If you are concerned about your account please do not click the link but contact your bank directly.

Browser Hijack

Browser hijacks are effecting Android and Apple devices. An error message pops up in the browser and doesn’t allow you to close it out. To fix the issue you need to close out your browser completely, go into your browser settings and clear history/cookies/data. This will close and reset your […]

Fake Pop-up Warning

Here are a two more examples of fake pop-up warnings you may experience. If you receive one of these pop-ups you will want to ignore them. If you can’t get the screen to remove, shut down your PC. If you have anymore questions or concerns please contact our office.

Support Scam

SUPPORT SCAM – These scams are usually a screen that pops up on your PC alerting you to “infections” on your PC. They scare the user to get them to call their 800 number to talk to a technician. They then receive a sales pitch that scares the user into […]